Jonathan Thomson is an independent curator. The role of the curator is to combine ideas, objects, images and words in a meaningful way in order to assist the artist to articulate his or her vision.

Curatorship is a comprehensively inclusive practice that gives specialist audiences and non-specialists alike a handle on the ways art can be framed within a variety of discursive constructs. The curator employs specialist knowledge to conceive critical concepts, develop exhibition proposals and curatorial theses, establish and maintain relationships with artists, develop a detailed understanding of the artists’ work and their ideas, assist audiences to come to an understanding and appreciation of the work, manage logistics and to care for the work under his or her control.

The reception of art is always mediated by the experience of multifarious audiences. The challenge for curators is to describe a mosaic of ideas and multiple cultural narratives and not just a single meta narrative in order to heighten the audiences engagement with the work and the pleasure or other emotional or intellectual response they may get from it.

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