MGM Macau is proud to inaugurate its MGM Art Space with a spectacular exhibition featuring Venus, a masterpiece of Renaissance painting by Sandro Botticelli curated by Jonathan Thomson.

In the 15th century Sandro Botticelli was the undisputed master of line. He is best known for his works that merge classical mythology into allegorical masterpieces that are among the most popular paintings in Western art.

"Botticelli's Venus: The Life and Times of a Goddess" presents this masterpiece of early Renaissance art both in the context of the extraordinarily fertile period of time in which Botticelli painted her, and in the mythological time when the Gods watched over the earth and would bestow on it their blessings.

Different civilizations all have their Venus. For some she is goddess of the evening, sister of the sun and daughter of the moon. For others she represents the star which guards all the others from harm. In all of her manifestations she is the beautiful goddess of love. She embodies passion, pleasure, tenderness and joy. She symbolizes the birth of beauty, and is an expression of the eternal feminine.

In this exhibition the extraordinary outpouring of creative energy in art, politics, society and science that was the Florentine Renaissance is presented through painting, prints, fashion, jewellery, sculpture and contemporary multi-media.

Botticelli's Venus