Jonathan Thomson is author of the books White Girls, published by Thomson Fine Art, Chow Yun Fat Moving Pictures, published by Louis Vuitton and Hong Kong: Culture and Creativity, published by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In addition he is author of more than 200 published brochure texts, monographs, essays, features and reviews. Since 2003 he has been Regional Correspondent for the international art magazines Asian Art News and World Sculpture News.

His writing is grounded in art history and includes insightful explorations of the interconnectedness of art and its social context. Art history is not just about the past. Art history helps to contextualise contemporary art practice in the here and now. Starting from “Art for Arts Sake”, rigorous analysis draws all the rest interpretatively outward, yoking every work’s individual properties, value, significance and reception to disparate world views and conditions. The artist is always a child of his age.

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